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Groom/Event Gift Ideas

As you know from some previous blog posts I am always looking for new products or vendors to refer to my couples. Most couples have never had a wedding so they are new to the world of wedding products and vendors. I saw this website that is for retirement gifts but thought they would make some awesome gift ideas really for any occasion. They have amazing gifts such as the killer custom engraved compass that I photographed below. When contacted me about reviewing their products I was elated! The packaging and quality of this compass are of high quality. Its heavy and feels very sturdy. The color is beautiful and rustic looking as well! All of their gifts can be customized with names, initials and dates for any guest and for any event!

If you are looking for the perfect favors for your wedding head over and use coupon code JPPhoto10 and get 10% off your order! Your guests are sure to love their gifts!

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