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Sedona Wedding| Taylor and Caroline | L'Auberge De Sedona

Taylor and Caroline met through her brother Chip in summer of 2015 when she came home to visit family over Labor Day. While her family was located in Dallas, she was living in New York at the time. They first met over drinks with her brother and his wife Sophie and immediately hit it off. In fact, Caroline kissed Taylor that night! Caroline and Taylor spent the remainder of Labor Day weekend staying up until 4am having long talks, lots of wine, exploring the city and unbeknownst to them, falling in love. They described that whole weekend as feeling really comfortable together, even though they just met. Caroline said "As corny as it sounds, we both felt as though we had already known each other. That feeling of comfortability, and friendship has helped mold our relationships into what it is today - best friends who kiss!" If that doesn't prove love at first sight I don't know what does!

Caroline and Taylor had their first date over that same Labor Day weekend when they went to drinks the night after meeting. Taylor picked Caroline up, came to her front door (like a gentleman) and she greeted him with a big hug. Caroline had just applied a bunch of oily-glittery body lotion, and unfortunately that made it's way all over Taylor as well! They had drinks at a local outdoor spot called "Truck Yard" and she was talking emphatically with her hands, when an unfortunate incident occurred. She was wearing a halter-jumpsuit, and as she was talking, the halter top came completely undone and exposed herself. Taylor had to fix her top, I think they would both agree it was mortifying for both of them!

When I asked Caroline to describe how Taylor Proposed she said one word "MAGICAL!" Taylor proposed on the beaches of Mykonos in May 2017. The week before they went to Greece, Taylor invited me over to his house for dinner where he said he had a big surprise for her. Caroline, having the tendency to jump to conclusions, thought the big surprise was that Taylor was going to propose. They were halfway through dinner, and nothing had happened.... so Caroline asked Taylor, "where is my surprise?" and he responded with, "oh no! I totally forgot to pick it up at the store." - Caroline was instantly confused. "The store? My wedding ring is at some store?" She instantly started crying, and of course Taylor was incredibly perplexed. She told him "I thought you were maybe going to propose", and felt incredibly embarrassed. To this day, Taylor says this is the only lie he has ever told to Caroline, but he responded and said "Caroline, I love you and want to be with you but we're just not ready to get engaged yet. We're not quite there" - Caroline was crushed! Little did she know, her wedding ring was 6 feet away hiding under his bed, and he planned to propose 4 days later in Greece. Oh, and the "surprise" he forgot to give Caroline was a Bath Bomb from Lush ha!!

A year later they got married in the AMAZING Sedona Arizona. They wanted the wedding to be intimate with just their closest friends and family, but still feel like a party. They got married at L'Auberge De Sedona with 65 of their closest friends and family. After deciding they wanted a destination wedding they looked at Sedona, Colorado, Europe.... they ultimately landed on Sedona because of the backdrop, and the convenience for their guests. When Caroline and Taylor chose L'Auberge as their venue she said it was love at first sight. Caroline said "once I visited L'Auberge, the feeling in my heart told me this was the place we would say I DO. The surroundings of nature, the impeccable service, the rustic luxury... it was perfect."

They didnt set out planning the wedding with a theme, but a theme of "Love Rocks" ended up emerging. With agate stones as table markers and as escort cards, along with rock candy in champagne glasses. Caroline is a sucker for a good pun, so she couldn't ignore the play on words with the rocks surrounding them. The bridesmaid dresses were a color called "Rolling Stone" which was a dove grey, and the colors all came together beautifully.

When it came to the flowers, they put their utmost trust in the professionals. If you are wanting unique and out of this world this is usually the way to go. Giving creatives the reins on design usually leads to EPIC! They told tEvents by Showstoppers to use their creative genius, and pick what would be beautiful for that day. They did not envision bright pink/coral flowers, and it ended up being one their favorite focal points of the whole wedding.

Caroline and Taylor both agree that walking down the aisle was hands down the most magical feeling. Caroline said "Seeing Taylor crying upon first sight melted my heart. I felt like a princess; the babbling brook, the sun peeking through, and my beautiful sweetheart waiting at the end as Explosions in the Sky played. I wish I could go back in time and relive that moment forever." Doesn't get more magical than that!

Wedding shoes for a Sedona bride

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