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Donna and Chris's Intimate Rainy wedding at L'Auberge in Sedona Arizona

Donna and Chris got married on a very gloomy raininy day at L’Auberge De Sedona. Despite it being rainy they made the best of it and had a beautiful wedding!! Seriously they are the prime example of go with the flow and make the best of everything life gives you. Most would be anxious and even upset at the rain on their wedding day. It’s hard sometimes to except things like weather change on a day that you have planned out every detail of for months and want nothing less than perfect. PRO tip, the more you are willing to go with the flow on your big day the more relaxed you will feel and the more fun you will have! Also, not being stressed on your wedding day definitely makes your photos look so much more natural and effortless!

So happy for these two!

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