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Dayton and Adria's Surprise Proposal at L'Auberge in Sedona

Dayton and Andria's proposal was magical! I have decided to switch it up a bit and have the couple tell the story from their point of view. Below is a little bit about Dayton and Adria!

About the couple:

In 2011, I was a store manager at PacSun in Chicago. Dayton would often shop there, but he was usually with his mom. I always thought he was handsome. He would come in and buy nearly everything and anything I picked out for him. Although we hit it off we never exchanged numbers or went out on a date. According to him…he didn’t ask me because “You were so beautiful I just assumed you had a boyfriend at the time." Even his mom told him to just go ask me out haha!!

After about a year, I left that company for another retailer and we didn't see or hear from each other until early 2014. We came across each other's social media profiles and finally set up a day to get together. I had gotten sick and lost my voice when he was supposed to come over. I didn't want to cancel our plans and he said he didn't mind being around me while sick, and that he would take care of me! He was so sweet and caring that I wanted to see him every day after that, so I did!

How he asked (From Adria, the Bride, perspective):

It was very fitting that right before our three-year anniversary I got a pretty nasty cold! We had plans to spend a few days in Vegas, but a week before our trip Dayton told me he wanted to check out Sedona since we had never been and we both had the time off work. (I thought it was a spur of the moment trip, but later learned he had been planning it for a while!)

Before we left, Dayton had to go out of town for a couple days. He told me to get my nails done, left me money to go buy a dress for the weekend, whatever I wanted! I am sick, and he’s telling me this which is unlike him because he usually just wants me to rest and not do anything (haha)! But he played it off saying, "Wouldn’t getting your nails done and shopping make you feel a bit better?” He was right so I did, and good thing I did too!

We checked into L'Auberge and settled into our room. Dayton told me we had reservations for dinner at a nice restaurant and I should wear my favorite dress. Dayton is always the last one out of us to be ready to go out and this time he was ready like an hour before me! Another clue I should’ve noticed, but I didn’t! I just assumed he was really hungry.

Once we were ready for dinner he wanted to head up to check out the view from the terrace at the hotel. While we were talking in the beautiful view and taking pictures, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

Of course I said, "YES!"

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