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Anthony & Tracey's Sedona Surprise Proposal at Enchantment Resort

Anthony and I had met up a few weeks before he was going to propose to go over the details of everything. He had planned a get away for the two of them for Tracey's birthday weekend and was going to propose before Dinner at Enchantment Resort In Sedona. The weather was perfect, her dress, the lighting gah! I was hiding out in a bush about 30ft from them waiting for the moment to happen. Tracey was completely shock and giddy and of course said yes! She was even more shocked when I popped out of the bushes and said we were going to do an engagement session ha!

For their engagement photos we walked around the beautiful property of Enchantment and got photos of the red rocks as the sun was setting. Tracey was a trooper in her heels! I mean its not everyday you get engaged so why not hike a bit in your heels?

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