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365 Day Project {237-251}

237-365 Today was my 27th birthday and I got the chance to do the most amazing styled shoot with my sister Alea <3

238-365 You are getting to be such a big girl. In the mornings after we drop both sisters off at school I make you breakfast, give you your sippy cup and you crawl onto the couch all by yourself and watch your shows. I love you so much big girl <3

239-365 A baby with her baby <3

240-365 You are so spunky and full of laughter and goofiness !

241-365 You can always tell when I almost forgot to take a picture for the day because I usually run out and take a picture of the sunset. The sky never fails me :O).

242-365 You love to read even though you can really read yet. You are getting so good at recognizing words! I always catch you outside on the patio or in your tree house with a book!

243-365 You LOVE to pretend to do somersaults like your big sisters!

244-365 Every time you see my camera or phone you immediately do your "cheese" face! It cracks me up!

245-365 Chillin at Nan's house waiting for Nan to be done grilling.

246-365 These two are ALWAYS together whether buddy likes it or not haha! Buddy is an old man and Hazel really could care less. She makes him play anyways!

247-365 I love these pictures because it shows pure childhood joy. What kid doesnt like playing in a laundry basket?