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Stylized Cottonwood and Oak Creek Maternity Session

This session is so near and dear to my heart. My baby sister is going to have her own baby very soon! I remember all the years she helped me through all 3 of my pregnancies and watched my babies for me. Im so glad I am able to help her now with hers. It was so amazing being able to do maternity pictures for her! As soon as I found out she was pregnant I immediately began planning her maternity pictures, newborn pictures and all the photo shoots Im going to be doing with the new baby! Our family is full of girls. My mom has 4 girls, my step dad has 3 girls and I have 3 girls. My sister is finally breaking the streak and having the first boy! To say I am excited to have a nephew would be an understatement!

For this shoot I made all three of the dresses and flower crowns. She was my model and set the record for most worn dresses and locations in a single photo shoot ha! My sister Jazi who is seriously genius when it comes to make up did the make up for this shoot. My mom who is an amazing hair stylist did her hair. It was fun teaming up with family to make this all come together. Jenae looked absolutely stunning! We also had 2 awesome assistants helping us carry the props haha (see their super fab photos below)!

I love you Jenae and CANNOT wait to meet baby Hudson!

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